At TNS Contractors Ltd, we offer comprehensive M&E and CAD design packages that cater to a diverse range of sectors.

From the early stages of concept design to the final installation, our experienced team can handle the entire process with efficiency and expertise. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness and strive to provide practical and stylish designs without compromising on quality. With our wealth of experience, we deliver solutions that are both visually appealing and highly functional.

Trust TNS Contractors Ltd for cost-effective and quality-driven designs that bring your vision to life.


At TNS Contractors Ltd, we take the burden off your shoulders by offering comprehensive electrical installation design services.

Utilising Amtech software our experienced team can design your electrical system, ensuring compliance with the latest IET Wiring and building regulations. With safety as our top priority, we handle intricate details such as cable sizes and thermal operating temperatures, so you can have peace of mind. Let us handle the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your project. Trust TNS Contractors Ltd to deliver electrical designs that meet regulations and prioritise safety, so you can confidently move forward with your installation.


We specialise in creating tailored lighting designs for commercial spaces.

Our expert team works closely with clients to develop customised lighting solutions that enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Whether you need energy-efficient lighting, dynamic systems, or accent lighting, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Trust us to transform your commercial space with expert lighting design that leaves a lasting impression on clients and enhances the overall experience for everyone.


We offer state-of-the-art CAD design services to bring your vision to life.

Our skilled team utilises advanced CAD software to create detailed and precise designs, ensuring that every aspect of your project is accurately planned and visualised before installation.



our qualifications

Colchester Kawasaki Office Refurbishment

Our remit was to design and install an industrial yet modern style electrical installation.